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Rapid Blocked Drains Solutions Gold Coast

At Moriarty Plumbing & Gasfitting, we specialise in providing effective solutions for blocked drains that can disrupt the comfort and functionality of your property. Our experienced team is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to diagnose and resolve even the most stubborn blockages, ensuring your plumbing system flows smoothly once again.

Signs Of A Blocked Drain

Because your drains are out of sight, it can be hard to determine if they are blocked until it’s too late. However, here are some signs of a drain blockage. 

Slow to Drain

Slow drainage is often the first sign of a block. If water pools around your feet in the shower or your kitchen sink takes longer than usual to drain, there’s likely a blockage. This could be due to a blocked pipe or blocked sewer line. 

Water Back Ups

Frequent water back-ups are another sign of a clogged drain. This occurs when water flows out of a drain or into the toilet and can indicate that water can’t get past a block. 

Unpleasant Odour

Blocked drains often cause foul odours in sinks or showers. This is caused by waste and food particles decaying in the drains. 

Gurgling Sounds from Drains

Gurgling noises occur when air is trapped and then released as water attempts to pass through the blocked area. This sound can be a clear giveaway that your drains are not functioning as they should.

Blocked Stormwater Drain

Our blocked drain plumbers are equipped to efficiently clear and maintain storm drains, ensuring effective water drainage and preventing potential flooding issues. With our prompt and effective solutions you can trust that your stormwater system will remain in top condition, even during heavy rainfall.

High Pressure Water Jetter

Our high pressure water jetting service addresses stubborn plumbing issues with precision and efficiency. Our team employs pressurised water streams to effectively clear obstructions, debris, and buildup within pipes and drains. Whether it’s a clogged sewer line, tree root intrusion or stubborn grease accumulation, our high pressure water jetting service ensures a thorough and eco-friendly solution.

CCTV Drain Cameras

Our CCTV drain camera inspection service utilises advanced technology to assess your plumbing systems condition. Our skilled technicians navigate pipes and drains, capturing high resolution footage to identify blockages, cracks, and structural issues that may be affecting your plumbing. With our CCTV drain camera inspection, you can trust that your plumbing system is in capable hands.

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Common Causes Of Blocked Drains:

Foreign Objects: Items like hair, soap scum, dental floss, and small objects can accumulate in drains over time, leading to partial or complete blockages.

Grease and Fat: Pouring cooking oils, fats, and grease down the drain can cause them to solidify and build up, eventually obstructing the pipe’s flow.

Tree Roots: Tree roots seeking moisture can infiltrate pipe joints and cause blockages, leading to reduced water flow and potential pipe damage.

Toilet Paper and Sanitary Products: Flushing excessive toilet paper, wet wipes, and sanitary products can create blockages in both residential and commercial plumbing systems.

Food Scraps: Disposing of food scraps down the kitchen sink can contribute to buildup and blockages, especially if the sink lacks a proper garbage disposal unit.

Mineral Deposits: Over time, minerals in the water can deposit on the inner walls of pipes, narrowing the pipe diameter and impeding water flow.

Collapsed or Misaligned Pipes: Structural issues in pipes, such as collapses or misalignments, can cause blockages by obstructing the passage of water and waste.

Poorly Installed Plumbing: Improper installation of plumbing systems can lead to incorrect gradients and angles, causing water to pool and debris to accumulate.

Weather and Environmental Factors: Heavy rain, flooding, and debris carried by stormwater can contribute to blockages by overwhelming drainage systems on the Gold Coast. Blocked drain issues become a common concern for residents, necessitating prompt drain clearing to avoid extensive damage.

Invasive Plant Growth: Plant roots can infiltrate sewer lines and drain pipes, causing obstructions and leading to backups.

If you have blocked drains on the Gold Coast, we’re here to help. Rid your drains of grease, food particles and debris today.

Trust Moriarty Plumbing & Gasfitting To Clear Your Blocked Drains

Moriarty Plumbing & Gasfitting offers all the drain cleaning and repair services you need to maintain your drains and prevent damage. We use advanced technology to identify blockages in your pipes and drains to ensure we’ve gotten to the root of the problem before clearing and repairing any damage. If you need blocked drain services, contact us today for a no-obligation quote. Our team of Gold Coast plumbers is ready to assist. 

If left untreated, a tiny blockage in your home’s drains can quickly become a huge mess and lead to costly repairs. Blocked drains can cause wastewater to back up into your pipes, resulting in unsanitary drinking water. This can also cause unpleasant odours, standing water, water damage, and even structural damage.

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How Blocked Drain Services Work

Step 1: Get a Quote

If you are concerned about a potential blockage, give us a call, and we’ll come to your home to give you an estimate. 

Step 2: We’ll Inspect Your Drains

We use advanced video technology to accurately pinpoint the location of the blockage and assess additional problems. 

Step 3: Fast Cleaning and Repair

After we diagnose the problem, we’ll get to work to clear the blockage and repair any damage. 

Blocked Drain FAQ’s

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Blocked Drain?

The cost to fix a blocked drain can vary depending on several factors, including the severity of the blockage, the location of the blockage, and the method used to clear it. It’s essential to contact a qualified plumber to assess the situation and provide an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Blocked Drains?

The most common types of blocked drains include:

  1. Kitchen Drains: Often clogged by food scraps, grease, and oil buildup.
  2. Bathroom Drains: Frequently blocked by hair, soap scum, and mineral deposits.
  3. Toilet Drains: Commonly affected by toilet paper buildup, foreign objects, or flushing non-flushable items.
  4. Outdoor Drains: Prone to blockages from leaves, dirt, and debris.
  5. Sewer Drains: Can become blocked due to tree roots, sediment buildup, or damaged pipes.

These are just a few examples, but various factors can lead to blocked drains, and each may require different methods to clear effectively.

How Do I Get Rid Of Smelly Drains?

To get rid of smelly drains, you can try several methods:

  1. Boiling Water: Pouring boiling water down the drain can help dissolve and flush away organic matter causing odours.
  2. Baking Soda and Vinegar: Mix baking soda and vinegar, pour it down the drain, and let it sit for several hours before flushing with hot water.
  3. Baking Soda and Salt: Another option is to mix baking soda and salt, pour it down the drain, and let it sit overnight before rinsing with hot water.
  4. Commercial Drain Cleaners: Consider using a commercial drain cleaner specifically designed to eliminate odours and dissolve organic matter.
  5. Drain Brush: Use a drain brush or pipe cleaner to scrub away buildup and debris from the inside of the drain.
  6. Professional Cleaning: If the odour persists, you may need to contact a plumber for a professional drain cleaning to thoroughly remove the source of the smell.

By trying these methods, you can eliminate smelly drains and keep your plumbing system smelling fresh.